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The Coleman children have spent the past five years as indentured servants in Carean Isle, paying off a debt their parents are responsible for, and now it's time for them to return to their home in Fairora. However, due to circumstances, some can go, but some must stay.

A lot can change in five years, and the Colemans must adjust to a Fairora very different than the one they left. This is especially true for the youngest, ten-year-old Ella. Suffering from a severe social anxiety, she's overwhelmed by her family's new friends, the outspoken Carter sisters and Emmett, a boy with magical heritage in a society where magic is considered evil. But, like him, Ella also doesn't quite fit in, as she's adopted and no one knows her origins.

As they settle in, the Colemans know they're not complete until they're all together. When they plead to the King to retrun their remaining family members home, their actions lead to serious consequences that ripple throughout the entire Kingdom.

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